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Ideas for mobile apps

Ideas for mobile apps

Today, there are about seven billion people who are officially mobile users. Thus, almost all of these people use mobile devices, access the Internet and use social networks around the world every day. These and other features are available thanks to special software for smartphones and tablets. So, we can’t imagine a modern person without a smartphone with software. Through these programs, we make appointments, order meals, book hotels and learn foreign languages. Statistics show that the mobile application industry is one of the most promising sectors of the economy for business development and investment.

The best ideas for mobile apps

There are many projects related to the development of mobile programs and they appear daily. If you are at this stage of life, too, are in search of ideas for a similar startup, we advise you to read this article to the end. Here, we will show you useful ideas for mobile apps that will prove to be advantageous for you.

Additional reality for commercial proposals

Today, mobile programs with the function of an additional reality are in great demand. You can develop an interface with which it will be easy to do a hairstyle or see what the furniture in the apartment will look like. Such a chain store as Ikea has already used this option in its production. Customers can try on their favourite outfits and shoes in a virtual fitting shop such as Lamoda. According to general statistics, almost 70% of buyers are actively interested in such programs and will be happy to use them.

Additional reality

Chat bots with AI

If you are looking for ideas for a mobile app, you can draw your attention to this project. So, through chat bots, you can improve your connection with customers and be able to answer their questions at any time of the day. According to statistics, more than 55% of people want to cooperate with companies that are in 24-hour contact with them. If your company will have a chat bot that will answer any questions of customers, then they will be more interested in your products and services. Among other things, such artificial intelligence programs can respond to user-defined questions, and this will immediately save the staff of the Contant Centers from routine work.

Health and fitness programs

Startups of mobile applications are created in many different directions. Some programs for health monitoring are very popular. With them, you will be able to choose your diet and look for suitable exercise. Modern programs will help you structure your unique diet. Thus, users can choose a type of food that is appropriate to their health status. Also, such a program can tell the user that he or she needs to go to a store and buy some products. But the owner of the program has to make a contract with these stores.

Programs for tutor searching

Today, more and more people of different ages want to raise their level of education and learn new professions. Since many of them do not have time for personal visits to tutors and teachers, online courses for learning are very popular. So, programs for such webinars will help you in the process of finding suitable candidates who will provide them with quality online training. The owner of such an app can earn money from monthly service through tutors or by paying for the educational process. So, such programs are useful in different fields of our professional life. The most important thing is the usefulness they bring to users, which makes them so popular.

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