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PelisPlus mobile app benefits

PelisPlus mobile app benefits

PelisPlus is a program for mobile gadgets based on the Android operating system. You can watch cartoons, movies and TV series free of charge through this program in the Latin American language or in Spanish with subtitles. PelisPlus supports technology such as Chromecast, which will help you broadcast the image on your TV. That’s why you don’t have to watch the video on your smartphone.

You should remember that the PelisPlus app is not an official software product. The developers of this program are a team of enthusiasts who decided to take a risk and try to use the capabilities of two online services. We are referring to online cinemas such as CinePlus and Repelis. They form the name of this application.

Features of PelisPlus

  1. After the user opens this program, he or she will be on its home page. There, you will immediately see a selection of new series and movies. If you are interested in the video content of one of the popular genre trends, then you should refer to the main sections of the main menu. They will help you display a selection of musicals or comedies, horror movies or action movies, thrillers or family films.
  2. In order not to lose any content, you should register and use the ‘Favourites’ sector. Working with this sector is very simple, and adding and deleting movies from your personal list will not be difficult for you. In general, the navigation in PelisPlus is made quite qualitatively and fascinating.
  3. After you click on the title of the movie you are interested in, you will move to the personal page with the film, which contains posters, a brief description of the film and the names of the actors. This brief information often simplifies the understanding of what you should expect from viewing a project.
  4. PelisPlus has advanced search support. This is why many users can easily find a movie or video that best meets their expectations. When searching, you can specify a time period between a year and a genre.
  5. Since PelisPlus is available for free and you don’t have to pay to see individual hits, you’ll probably like the fact that this program has received support for technology such as Chromecast. Thanks to its features, you will be able to broadcast a picture of the movie on the screen of your SmartTV or other device.

However, you should not forget that Chromecast does not have a local player to play the video. That’s why you should install a program to play movies and serials.


General functions

  • the main objective of PelisPlus is to demonstrate video content in Spanish;
  • there are subtitles in Spanish and English;
  • Chromecast helps users display images on other devices;
  • this app is free of charge and does not contain paid functions;
  • this program operates in all current versions of Android.

Download of the PelisPlus

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